Ralph Campagna

Ralph Campagna

Ralph Campagna: 
Musical Influences: 
Rock, Blues, Jazz
Artist Influences:
Mitch Mitchell, Clive Bunker, Michael Schrieve, John Bonham, Barriemore Barlow, Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Ringo Star, Michael Derosier.

Practice Kit: 1971 Slingerland Maple finish 20″ Kick, 14″ chrome snare, 12 & 13″ ride toms, 6″ floor tom, 20″Zildjian Rock Ride, 13″ Zildjian K custom dark high hat, 17″ Zildjian dark crash, Pearl Kick pedal
Performance Kit: DW Maple, 22″ Kick, 14″x4″ maple snare, 10″ & 12″ ride tom, 14″ floor tom, Zildjian 21″ Vintage ride, Zildjian 16″ Vintage crash, Zildjian 14″ A custom fast crash, Zildjian 10″ A splash, Zildjian 13″ High Hat (thick bottom, thin top)

“All these guys had influence on me. What’s amazing is that we all beat on drums and cymbals. The measure can only    be  broken into so many beat fragments, yet each of these drummers has a unique style. The band they played for would   not have had the same sound with any other drummer. Try to copy these guys, you can’t!”   Ralph Campagna

Ralph was only 10 years old, he got hooked on drums while visiting his cousin Bobby in California who had a Ludwig kit in his bedroom. Since that day, he’s been in bands or played music in some form or another.  From 5th grade through high school he played a snare drum in the school orchestra. His first practice pad was often times using an old phone book, but later used a brown Ludwig rubber wedge. Finally one year for Christmas his parents bought him a red sparkle Beverly snare drum. His first kit was an old decrepit 3 piece drum kit that he paid for himself and covered it with blueish shelving paper! Then at 16 years old he bought a Slingerland kit complete with double kick drums!

Ralph has played in everything from jazz bands, pit bands for theater, community orchestras, marching bands and currently still plays in the worship team at his church. When Darrell called him he wasn’t currently playing and felt he was getting kind of rusty, but they really clicked from that first jam session together. Now The Stone County Band is a  big part of his life. ♪♩